We are currently the major Northern European distributor for two publishers, Collector Grade, who are based in Ontario, Canada, and Ian D. Skennerton Publications, based in Labrador, Australia.

Collector Grade

Collector Grade specialise in reference books on modern (20th century onwards) small arms. All Collector Grade books are of an extremely high production quality, made in Canada using high-quality paper, they are case bound, with properly stitched binding, and laminated dust jackets. But the polish is not just skin deep, the volume of research and practical experience that goes into each book’s contents ensures they are a reliable resource for their subject matter.

Ian D. Skennerton 

Ian D. Skennerton is a noted authority on British and Commonwealth small arms. Hit titles range from the seminal work on the Lee-Enfield rifles, coming in at 608 pages, and weighing a hefty 2.7kg, to the Small Arms Identification Series booklets, at 32 pages each. His subject matter is largely contained to British and Commonwealth firearms and their inner workings, however as it also includes amalgamated reference materials and reprints of vintage H.M.S.O. productions, Ian is an author for collectors and armourers alike.