Medal Mounting

Court mounting medals is an excellent way to present medals for wear or display, and to prevent damage due to knocking against each other, a particular problem where there are medals of different materials next to each other.

We usually mount medals in the “court” style however we can mount them “swinging” style by request. When we mount medals we will clean and polish them, if appropriate, and present them on new ribbons, however as each job is done by hand we can usually accommodate any special requests you may have.

If we are mounting your medals, rather than replacement medals that we are providing, then you will obviously need to either drop your medals off with us or post them to us. We usually recommend sending medals by Special Delivery as medals hold a high sentimental value, and it is usually not worth the risk of sending them by a lower insurance class. We will always return genuine medals by Special Delivery, or insured courier if they are being returned as part of a large order.

Our medal mounting service is available at £8.00 per medal for full size medals, and £7.00 per medal for miniatures, plus the cost of the broach if one is required. Unfortunately due to the way they are mounted we are unable to simply add a medal to a group, rather the entire set must be remounted.

Please see below for some “before and after” examples of our medal mounting:

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